KIB-TEK declares war on BRT

Bayrak Radio and Television (BRT) owes KIB-TEK TL 18 million in unpaid electricity bills.

It has so far only paid TL 1.5 million and refused a payment instalment plan. Consequently, KIB-TEK cut off electricity to the BRT Iskele office 15 days ago. The Guzelyurt office of BRT has had no electricity this year as it was cut off in December 2012.

However, Caglayan Cesurer, head of EL-SEN the electricity workers union now says that a criminal development has come to light.

He accuses BRT Guzelyurt office of stealing electricity. It is claimed that BRT have connected themselves to the electricity meter of the Department of Religious Affairs who are tenants in their building.

In fact it has been found that a number of tenants in the building are all illegally connected to that meter.

Cesurer says that the primary responsibility to sort this out falls to the meter owner, that is the Department of Religious Affairs. Under law they will be given time to resolve this issue, after that KIB-TEK will take them to court.

BRT workers union (BAY-SEN) head Salih Sakalli agrees that the debt is too high and needs to be paid. He says that there was a meeting held with himself, BRT management and the Ministry of Finance earlier this year.

The Ministry of Finance agreed to pay the overdue amount but this was not done.
Consequently reporters are having to use internet cafes to send in their stories.

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