Kib-Tek Explains Reasons For Rash of Power Cuts

North Cyprus News - Kib-Tek Power Station
[Teknecik Power Station]
A representative of Cyprus Turkish Electricity Authority (Kib-Tek ) has spoken to Kibris Postasi to explain the reasons for the endless string of power cuts which have plagued the country.

Kalecik Power Station

The official representative of Kib-Tek said that the Kalecik power station run by private Turkish energy company Aksa, had eight generators, each producing 15 megawatts (MW) of electricity. However, one of those generators is faulty and another is undergoing maintenance. The representative also pointed out that there was a steam-powered generator which could produce 6MW of electricity. Currently there is a deficit of 30 MW of electricity because of breakdowns and maintenance.

Teknecik Power Station

The Kib-Tek official told Kibrisi Postas that Teknecik Power Plant should produce 220 MW of power; but noted that two generators are undergoing maintenance and one is out of order. They are waiting for expert reports on the breakdown, he said. 

The current shortfall of electricity from Teknecik is 45 MW, the representative said.

Meanwhile, the country requires 346 MW rising to 377 MW of electricity in winter and between the two power stations, they can only produce 271.

He noted that south Cyprus had supplied 46 MW as a temporary measure while Kib-Tek was waiting for fuel supplies.

Urgent Need For Investment

It was stated that investment in the power plants was needed as a matter of urgency. The purchase of two new diesel-powered generators is needed.

However, the Kib-Tek representative went on to emphasise that by 2030, the use of fuel oil will be banned in Europe. A power plant running on natural gas was required, he said.

Kib-Tek Has Massive Debts

The spokesman pointed out that Kib-Tek owes 600 million Turkish lira to private Aksa. It owes 300 million lira to banks and 100 million lira to the market. Meanwhile, Kib-Tek is owed one billion Turkish lira.

Finally, he said that the wholesale charge for the production of electricity was 1 TL per megawatt hour, this should be raised to 5 TL, he said.

Kibris Postasi

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