Kib-Tek Eyes Gas Turbines to Reduce Pollution

The Turkish Cypriot Electricity Authority has announced that it is aiming to lower its production costs amid recent mandatory price hikes in electricity tariffs.

The Electricity Authority has announced that, in the light of the reports after a study, Kib-Tek’s power plants will be run on natural gas in the future.

Kib-tek made the following statement:

“As the current Government Programme states, we are reaching the point where Kib-Tek will use new technologies to reduce costs while saving fuel, and we are coming to the end of our work to attach a filter to the Teknecik Plant chimney to remove the potentially negative impact on human and environmental health.

Kib-Tek also takes the opinion of the Environment Department on the subject, and continues the feasibility study with the experts.

The Kib-Tek Board of Directors, as it is included in the Government Programme, is looking for ways to produce cheaper and environmentally friendly energy, while continues with the feasibility studies of the power plants that are run by natural gas according to the directives of the Ministry of Economy and Energy.

The Board of Directors of Kib-Tek researches and compares the power plants which can also work with fuel oil if necessary, and the storage costs of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The biggest advantage of natural gas is that it has far less impact on the environment compared to the use of other energy sources. The emissions from burning natural gas are only water vapour and carbon dioxide.

The five major benefits of switching to natural gas-powered power plants are as follows:

1. As production costs are lower, electricity will be produced at a cheaper price and we will be able to apply lower electricity tariffs for our customers.

2. This method is much cleaner compared to using fuel oil. There will be no waste from the fuel oil and no smoke emitted from plant chimneys.

3. It will be the first step in the use of natural gas in our country and it will create the possibility of using natural gas both in homes and work places.

4. Natural gas to be extracted as a result of the ongoing research around the island of Cyprus will be ready for use in our country after achieving a possible solution.

5. Steam turbines have 28% efficiency and diesel power plants have 44%, while gas turbines have 70-72%. Thus the efficiency of the system will be increased.”

Kibris Postasi

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