Kib-Tek Farce

Since last week, Kib-Tek has been targeting the most serious non-payers of electricity bills as part of a serious attempt to improve its financial condition and includes chasing government departments and councils as well as hotels and individuals.

Last week, Kib-Tek cut the electricity supply to a private company called Tahal. This company purifies sea water in the Bafra area and provides water for the Artemis Hotel as well as a number of nearby villages. However, it owes TL3.3 million in unpaid electricity bills.

In a strange development however, it was determined that these bills, while incurred by Tahal, are charged to the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources. In a further twist, this Ministry ordered Kib-Tek to reconnect the electricity supply to Tahal and when this was not done, it retaliated. The Ministry promptly sealed off the water supply to the Teknecik power station.

According to Mr Cesurer, the head of the EL-SEN electricity workers union, this was done two days ago and that they had only two days’ worth of water supply left. After that, he emphasized, the power plant would have to be shut down. This would mean that North Cyprus would be plunged into darkness on Monday.

Mr Cesurer also raised the obvious question of why a state department was taking on the electricity bills of a private company.

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