Kib-Tek Has 2-3 Days of Fuel Remaining

North Cyprus News - Kib-Tek Power Station
[Teknecik Power Station]
Saturday, 25 June, 2022

Kib-Tek has between 2-3 days of fuel left, Chairman of the Board, Hasan Akyiğit said, adding that the fuel tanker will arrive in North Cyprus tomorrow and will offload the fuel by Monday at the latest, Yeniduzen reported.

Speaking to the TAK news agency, Akyiğit noted that it was also dependent on weather conditions.

Asked about the power cuts, he said that this was because of Kib-Tek’s inability to meet electricity demand because of generator malfunctions.

He said that the weekend should see fewer power cuts because factories and industrial zones are closed on the weekends, therefore demand for power will be reduced. 


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