KIB-TEK introducing paperless billing

KIB-TEK has announced that the GSM messages the public have been receiving are not a hoax and users should respond to the SMS message they have received.

The company has said that users should start by responding to the SMS messages in order not to encounter any difficulties later.

The authorities said that responding to the number ‘9898’ was enough. An example of how the reply should look is given: “123784 *00276159 03507 Bahtiyar Duran [email protected]”.

KIB-TEK General manager Mehmet S. Gurkan in a written statement said with the completion of the remote electronic meter project at the end of the year, KIB-TEK will be providing a more up to date system. With the completion of the project, meter reading and distribution of electricity bills will become far less necessary thus reducing the cost to the consumer as well.

Those who would still wish to receive a bill will have to inform the authorities by July 31st.

Those who do not inform by this date will receive their bills either by SMS or by email or both.

Kibris Postasi

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