Kib-Tek Plans Rash and Costly

Experts say that it is still necessary for state electricity provider Kib-tek to install the filter which has been promised for years by the government.

Earlier reports said that the government is considering using natural gas to provide cheaper and cleaner electricity. However, it has not considered the high cost of storage and transportation problems.

Experts told Kibris Postasi that whether a diesel or a natural gas turbine is used, harmful emissions will be caused by the high temperatures created. On the other hand, Kib-tek is obliged to use dual diesel or gas because the power plant is situated on an island.

The same experts point out that costing for natural gas has not been well thought out, adding that investment and operation costs are twice as much as the existing system.

They said that: “Land storage tanks should be at least 10,000-15 000 m3 in capacity. To be able to buy an LNG vessel that brings a continuous supply or to be ready to pay high freight costs, and the exhaust system which must also be dual-purpose, will cost at least $ 30-50 million dollars.

Kibris Postasi

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