KIB-TEK to cut power to defaulters

KIB-TEK has said that consumers with outstanding bills of 469TL and over will have their electricity cut off automatically.

The electricity authority has been implementing a new Automatic Meter Management system. KIB-TEK director Mehmet Salih Gurkan said that with the new system, the new meters could be managed remotely. However, not all meters had been changed he noted, and personnel were still needed for meter reading, disconnecting and reconnecting meters.

Gurkan said that with the new meters, those who had unpaid electricity bills or were behind in paying their instalments would see their electricity cut off. To reconnect the power would cost an extra 89.32TL he said. Disconnections in those cases would begin soon, he said calling on consumers to make the necessary arrangements in order not to be without electricity.

Kibris Postasi

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