KIBTEK cuts power to Kyrenia’s sewage station

Kyrenia Council has published an open letter to the public.¬†Dated today, it says that the troubles affecting many councils due to the non-payment of electricity bills has now hit Kyrenia’s residents.

The council says that the government has acted unilaterally in significantly raising electricity prices and then interfering in their responsibilities for street lighting.

The main issue of the council relates to the waste water pumping station in Kyrenia old harbour.

These and other stations were built in 1986 and transferred to Kyrenia council in 1990. However the pumping station in the old harbour was then taken over by the Ministry of Tourism.

Because the Ministry has not paid the electricity bills for this station, KIBTEK have, today, cut off the electricity supply. This is now posing a serious health threat to the residents of Kyrenia and will only get worse unless the government takes action.

Kyrenia council points out that the tourist season is about to start and that they are willing to pay for their share of the electricity bills as long as the government does the same.

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