Kidney transplants to begin in State hospitals

Minister for Health Ahmet Gülle announced that protocols on kidney transplantation had been finalised and that (State) transplant operations would begin next month.

Touching upon the latest developments on the issue of organ transplantation, he said that consultations had been made and that a 3 year protocol had been signed with Ankara Hacettepe University’s Faculty of Medicine.

“With this protocol, we envisage medical interventions and training of doctors as well as the organ transplant operations to be conducted by our doctors in a period of 3 years” Gülle said.

Speaking on BRT, Gülle also announced that work on the construction of a new modern hospital in Nicosia had begun.

“We are in the process of planning the 10 year period of the health sector. Work has begun to build a new, modern and better equipped hospital”, Gülle said.


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