KOOP–Milk cut out of land deal

The Council of Ministers met yesterday, hours before the law prohibiting election activities.

During their meeting, they decided to hand over a site in Karakum, worth £1 million to Rocks Hotel and Kaya Tourism. This was done via a 49 year lease.

However KOOP – Milk declared that this was their property and had been handed over without their knowledge or approval.

General Manager of the KOOP, Salih Yucesoylu said that he had already met with lawyers and would be going to court on Monday to get a detaining order.

Mr Yucesoylu said that he was shocked when he saw the decision. He claims that the KOOP was looking to invest in their land and now could not until the courts sorted out the attempted takeover.

The land is part of a huge plot owned by the state but the KOOP has the development rights to it.

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