KOP president approves KTFF move

President of the Cyprus Football Association (KOP) Costas Koutsokoumnis (right) has commended the Turkish Cypriot Football Federation’s (KTFF) move to join KOP. He said that it was not possible for KTFF to be recognised as an autonomous body internationally and that such recognition was only possible via KOP.

Koutsokoumnis, who was speaking on television, also praised KTFF president Hasan Sertoğlu (left) saying that he admired his dedication and courage to do the best for Turkish Cypriot football and youth. He said that the move was significant and the “the letters KTFF sent to UEFA, FIFA and KOP shows the how serious it is about the move”.

He added that the process for the uncompleted 2014 agreement for KTFF to join KOP would be speeded up.

Clearing up concerns about KOP intervening in KTFF’s daily internal operations, Koutsokoumnis said that KOP would only monitor KTFF activities.

The Greek Cypriot political party AKEL has expressed its support for the KTFF’s application to join KOP.

In a statement AKEL said “Considering the difficult condition that the Turkish Cypriot community is in everyone can understand the significance of KTFF’s step”.

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