KTFF has applied to join Cyprus FA

Chairman of the Turkish Cypriot Football Federation (KTFF) Hasan Sertoglu announced that he had sent a letter to the Cyprus Football Association (KOP) today, applying to join the association.

Letters also were sent to FIFA, President Eroglu’s Office and the Sports Ministry, explaining that this action was taken in the best interests of the KTFF.

Speaking at a press conference this morning, Sertoglu was highly critical of the government and of Sports Minister Serdar Denktas for side-lining his federation.

He pointed out that in the 45 days’ notice he had given warning of this decision if nothing was done to alleviate the problems of the KTFF, he had been snubbed by the Turkish Football Federation boss who was invited to North Cyprus by President Eroglu. Sertoglu was also incensed by the Sports Minister’s suggestion that Turkey’s football federation open a rep’s office in North Cyprus without consulting him.

Sport Minister Serdar Denktas reacted by sending letters to all the football clubs stating that government permission was required before making the application to join KOP.

Sertoglu said that they had met with the president of KOP and informed him that the KTFF would also be writing to FIFA. It is expected that a general council will be held to make a decision. There are several steps which will be easy to take, he said but the rule and regulations would be the trickiest, although not insurmountable.

Kibris Postasi

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