KTFF joining Cyprus FA is an own goal: Denktash

Serdar Denktas has said that he will not block the recently approved new regulations for the Turkish Cypriot Football Federation (KTFF).

Following the recent application by KTFF to join the Cyprus Football Association (KOP), the Turkish Cypriot FF needed to revise its regulations to bring it in line with those of FIFA.

Speaking to BRT, the tourism and sports minister said that he would look at the new regulations shortly and then he would send it to the office of the chief public prosecutor to have it ratified.

Prior to this announcement Denktash has said that since 1960 sports between the two communities in Cyprus have been administrated separately and that in case of a solution to the Cyprus problem, the Turkish Cypriot Football Federation could become a member of FIFA separately, like Scotland and San Marino which, despite not being UN members, are members of FIFA under a different federation. He also maintained that the latest action of the KTFF, to apply to become member of Cyprus Football Association (KOP), weakens the position of the Turkish Cypriots at the negotiation table.

Claiming that the football clubs had approved the new regulation, because they were afraid of the chairman of KTFF Hasan Sertoglu, Denktas said: “I will approve this regulation, but the clubs will regret it later”.


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