KTFF wants partnership with KOP

Chairman of the Turkish Cypriot football federation (KTFF) Hasan Sertoglu, has said that he agreed with the statements made by the president of the Turkish Football Federation (TFF), Yildirim Demiroren during his recent visit to North Cyprus. This showed that the KTFF was on the right road and would pave the way to serving the TRNC youth. This was not a route that they would abandon, he said.

Sertoglu said that the process with the Cyprus Football Association (CFA or KOP) continues, but there were delays at the moment because of problems within KOP. He noted that there will be progress made with KOP within the forthcoming days and that initiatives by his federation will be stepped up in March.

Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Kibris Gazetesi’ reports that in statements to Kibris TV, Sertoglu said that their biggest problem is “the opening of the Turkish Cypriot football to the world”, however he said that he believed that this problem will be solved.

Referring to the talks with KOP, he said: “The Greek Cypriots now say ‘no’ to many things to which they had previously agreed. However, they will have no place to hide, we will continue pressing. They will at some point be cornered. Then we will solve the problem with an interim formula. Someone will meet us in the middle, I am sure about this and this will not take long”.

Sertoglu people had been under the wrong impression and emphasised that the aim of the KTFF was not become a member of KOP, but its partner. He said that they want to reclaim their existing rights. “If this depended on the Greek Cypriots, they would give nothing. We will force this issue by getting the foreign powers to act”, he stated.

Sources Halkin Sesi and Kibris Gazetesi

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