KTOEOS demands reinstatement of Turkish teachers

Turkish Cypriot Secondary School Teachers’ Union (KTOEOS) have announced that they will give moral and material support to their colleagues, who have been dismissed from their duties in Turkey, in a wide-sweeping anti-Gulenist purge.

The union is demanding the release of Turkish educators Nuriye Gulmen and Semih Ozakca who are in hunger strike in Turkish jails. KTOEOS also demand the return of all the other educators along with Gulmen and Ozakca, who were dismissed, back to their duties. They also call on all the officials to apply some common sense.

Chairperson of KTOEOS, Selma Eylem (main photo) has said that they will launch an aid and signature campaign to ask for the return of all teachers, members of the Education Union (Egitim-Sen) back to their duties, who were dismissed unlawfully in Turkey.


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