Kucuk repeats his offer to help Greek Cypriots

North Cyprus Prime Minister, Irsen Kucuk has repeated his offer of help to the Greek Cypriots. He said that he would be meeting Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan in Ankara on Monday and that he was ready to pass on any requests for aid to the Turkish Prime Minister. However, he added that so far, the Greek Cypriots have not responded to his offer.

Last week, Egeman Bagis, Turkish EU Affairs Minister, had indicated that Turkey was ready to offer assistance provided it was requested via the Turkish Cypriot government.

“I have said that if the Greek Cypriot government makes such a request, we can convey it to Ankara,” Kucuk said. “I haven’t received any response yet, but I will pass it on to Ankara if I get one.”

Bağış said last week that the Greek Cypriots could have enjoyed economic prosperity in a united Cyprus if they had voted for a UN plan to reunite the island in 2004. He said it was thought provoking that Greek Cyprus, then holding the rotating presidency of the EU, declared bankruptcy and added that Turkey was ready to help if the Greek Cypriots request aid via the KKTC government.

“Today, Turkey, with its growing economy, is offering assistance to many countries in the Mediterranean that are in financial trouble,” Kucuk said.

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