Kyrenia Abandoned to its Fate Report Says

According to a report prepared by the Association of Old Kyrenia Town and Harbor, Kyrenia should be divided into ‘Old Kyrenia and ‘New Kyrenia’ and the old district should be rationalised with an autonomous management.

The association suggested that there were solutions to the increasing problems of Kyrenia old town.

In the strategy report, it was underlined that it was necessary to implement an autonomous administration for the old town, which is free from cumbersome adminitrative structures and conflicts of authority. This could be made possible with a decision by the Council of Ministers.

Speaking about the report, president of the association Ismail Sabbar, told ‘Kibris Postasi’ that the report was reflected in the government programme. He pointed out that because of infrastructure problems, the country’s most valuable asset and cultural heritage is in danger of disappearing.

Kyrenia is a centre for tourism and a showcase for North Cyprus. However, factors that have negatively affected infrastructure, traffic and tourism, have remained unsolved for years and only become more chronic, he said.

In every government programme, problems in Kyrenia are under the heading of tourism and local government, but these are not resolved.

The association said that the region had been abandoned to its fate and its report contained suggestions for a solution.

Kibris Postasi

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