Kyrenia Art and Culture Festival begins June 1st

 The festival will last 4 weeks and includes many theatre productions and concerts.

Kyrenia’s Mayor, Sumer Aygin held a press conference at the Colony Hotel yesterday to publicise the festival.

Mr Aygin said that he was proud of the various infrastructure projects that the council were undertaking and he felt that the council would be a fitting place to hold cultural events.

The Mayor believed that the financial strength of the council was sound and allowed it to start seven major development projects at the same time to improve the lot of its citizens.

Festival Schedule

The festival will open on June 1st with entertainment for children in Peace Park.

June 4th  Concert in Ramadan Cemil Square by ‘Killing Champagne’.

June 5th  The play ‘Wee Town’ will be on at the State theatre.

June 6th  Concert in Ramadan Cemil Square by ‘Frequency’.

Other activities will be publicised here nearer the time.

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