Kyrenia facing water shortages

Kyrenia, is facing a water shortages, as are many other areas of the island, despite the fact that potable water is coming by pipeline from Anamur in Turkey.

Turkish Cypriot daily Diyalog writes that this water is flowing into the sea because of the lack of concern by the North’s government.

Kyrenia needs 550 tons of water daily and but receives only around 350-400 tons, officials said, adding that taking some measures was inevitable.

Erdinc Akun, head of Kyrenia municipality’s water affairs, told the paper that the water shortage had become worse during the past 15 days and added: “We are forced to supply water once every 3-4 days to some areas. People are complaining but nothing can be done”.

The continuous increase in population and the return of home owners for the summer, alongside construction activity in the area has created an increase in the demand for water, he said. Akun pointed out that he has no other option in these circumstances than to ration the water supply.


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