Kyrenia Families Protest Lack of School Places

Kyrenia families held a protest at the Bellapais roundabout at the lack of school places for their children.

The protestors, supported by the teachers’ unions KTOS and KTOEOS say that in 1974 the population of Kyrenia was 7,000. Now there are 100,000 inhabitants and only one primary and one secondary school has been built in the past 43 years.

They shouted that “if there are no schools there also note votes” and “you have many plots to hand out but none for our children”.

Primary teachers union KTOS made the following statement:

“A six acre plot of land in Girne has been allocated for the construction of a new primary school, and necessary work for the tender is under way. Studies on the development of Catalkoy Primary School have been initiated. While thankful for these initiatives, we will continue to keep pressure on the authorities until the new schools are built and existing ones developed in the Campaign for Children Without Schools”.

Meanwhile, by way of a temporary solution, 83 children who have not been able to go to school since the beginning of the school year, will be placed in vacant classrooms at Kyrenia American University’s kindergarten.

Halkin Sesi

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