Kyrenia Harbour restoration begins

Kyrenia Harbour received a visit yesterday from the Minister for Tourism and the Environment, Unal Ustel. He was there to inspect ongoing works to restore the entrance to the ancient harbour and to the Ministry building.

There are plans to restore the entrance to Kyrenia castle, repair the ancient lighthouse, renew old benches, rusty rubbish bins and electricity poles on the harbour wall. The water in the harbour will also be cleaned up on a regular basis. The harbour recently suffered from the deluge of rain, which brought down mud and caused flooding.

In order to bring the harbour up to European standards there are proposals to introduce smart meters for vessels moored there.

Smart meters operate by supplying water and electricity to boats by means of a rechargeable plastic card (key). When swiped in the meter, prepaid supplies of water and/or electricity are delivered to the vessel.

Ustal said the ancient harbour of Kyrenia was North Cyprus’ most treasured tourist asset.

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