Kyrenia-Lefkoşa Main Road Works Halted

News from the Missing Persons Committee that an area of the Lefkoşa-Girne main road near Ciklos might be the site where remains of missing persons might be found, has halted works on the main road.

After receiving information from the Missing Persons Committee that the Ciklos area may be a site where the remains of missing persons may be found, the Minister of Public Works and Communications is taking action in accordance with this information. This is a sensitive and humane issue and therefore infrastructure and road works in this area has been stopped until the committee finishes its investigation in the area a statement from the ministry.

The Committee of Missing Persons in Cyprus is expected to complete its excavation work in the area within one week’s time.

Meanwhile, the road works in the area located between the Girne-Lefkoşa main road and the St Hilarion junction have been halted.

We thank the public for its patience and understanding” said the statement.


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