Kyrenia Mayor Takes Action Against Parking Violations

Parking on Pavements in Kyrenia - Fines

Fines were issued to drivers in Kyrenia in two different areas for violating parking regulations. Mayor Murat Şenkul addressed the matter via social media, stating that penalties were handed out to vehicles breaking the rules in both a tavern district and an area near a hotel the previous evening, Kibris Postasi reports.

Expanding on his statement, Şenkul stressed that fines were applied to drivers who parked on pavements and affirmed that enforcement would persist.

Murat Şenkul’s statement reads as follows:

“Good day, Kyrenia residents.

“In the vicinity where several cars were fined on Friday evening for pavement parking, only two cars were found in violation last night, and they too were fined accordingly.

“As someone with roots in local businesses, I hold small and medium-sized enterprises in high regard. However, we must also uphold certain standards.

“The first photo depicts the tavern district, while the second shows an area with a prominent hotel. Last night, a vehicle was parked on the pavement in the latter, resulting in a fine.

“I emphasise this to dispel misconceptions, such as claims that we show favouritism in enforcement.

“Additionally, during off-peak traffic hours, we refrain from issuing fines for minor infractions like parking along yellow lines, provided they do not disrupt traffic flow or block garage entrances, following practices seen in many European countries. In the coming weeks, we’ll introduce signs reflecting these guidelines and designating parking exclusively for residents.

“We’re aware of our city’s challenges and are committed to resolving many of them.

“Like any administration, we prioritise urgent matters in our planning. While it may not be immediate, expect improvements in your area, including road renovations, pavement construction, water infrastructure upgrades, and improved street lighting.

“Lastly, I extend warm wishes to all mothers on this special day.

“Thank you for your attention”.

Kibris Postasi

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