Kyrenia Police Safety Measures For New Year’s Eve

The Kyrenia District Police Board, which met to decide upon public safety and security measures for the New Year’s Eve celebrations, has announced its decisions, Kibrisi Postasi reported.

The measures that the public should follow are described as follows:

  • On December 31, our citizens can park their vehicles in the Kyrenia Municipality (Baldöken) parking lot, east of Kyrenia Public House (Karakız Parking Lot), opposite Rocks Hotel and above Ordu Market. All car parks in the City Centre will be in service and will be free of charge.
  • Vehicles parked improperly on New Year’s Eve will be towed to the points indicated by the Municipality. For this reason, our citizens must park in a way that does not obstruct traffic.
  • Since strict controls will be made by the police in the new year and in order to save lives, our citizens are advised not to drive under the influence of alcohol and to return home by taxi.
  • Our citizens are asked to comply with the warnings of the police officers and municipal police officers on New Year’s Eve.
  • As it is illegal to discharge firearms, our citizens should not resort to this behaviour, even to celebrate the New Year. It is announced that legal action will be taken against those who discharge firearms.
  • Legal action will be taken against those who use fireworks without permission and license due to the New Year celebrations.

Contact numbers for the public to register complaints:

Kyrenia Police Department: 155/05488115000/8152014

Municipality of Kyrenia: 185/05338702014/05488822120/05338506413/05428821118

Fire Brigade: 199

Emergency Service: 112

Civil Defence: 101

Kibris Postasi

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