Kyrenia State hospital protest

Patients are protesting that there are insufficient doctors and nurses at the hospital, resulting in long queues and waiting times of hours.

Kyrenia is at the forefront of a population increase as citizens migrate from the villages to towns and Akcicek State hospital is not equipped to deal with the increase in patients.

There is no cardiologist at the hospital and the neurologist and radiologist only work there for three days a week. The Orthopaedics department has only one doctor which has resulted in long queues and many upset patients.

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology has its own problems. Because of a computer malfunction, x-rays cannot be produced; staff are vainly resorting to fixing the computer themselves.

Despite being recently opened, with much ceremony, the women’s services section, mainly funded by voluntary contributions, has remained closed because of a lack of personnel.

People are showing up at the hospital very early to try and be seen by a doctor. However many leave disappointed to try again another day.

At least 6 more doctors and 5 nurses are required to deal with demand.

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