Kyrenia Tree Planting Project Under Way

In 2015, Kyrenia Municipality’s campaign for planting trees in the town began with the slogan “Kyrenia is growing and you are contributing.”

College students were busy planting saplings in the Art Park, which will be opened in Karakum in the near future, as part of the greening up campaign carried out in the park, gardens, road sides and green areas. Kyrenia Mayor Nidai Güngördü and municipal employees planted seedlings together with the young people.

Mayor Güngördü pointed out that the green areas had all but disappeared following intensive construction in the town. The municipality is continuing studies of afforestation in various areas of the Kyrenia.

The mayor emphasised that the greatest heritage that can be left to future generations is a liveable environment and underlined the importance of encouraging love and appreciation of nature in children and young people.

Güngördü stated that planting carried out with the students and non-governmental organisations will continue and that they will open the Art Park which will be planted with saplings in the coming days.

Kibris News Agency

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