Kyrenia University offers aviation training programme

Kyrenia University intends to supply trained pilots to meet the expanding needs of Turkey and the rest of world in the aviation sector, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

The university is the only institution in the country which is specialised in the field of aviation and maritime activities.

According to the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation – Eurocontrol, Turkey is in the top ten of countries which are the most active in civil aviation.

A PR statement issued by Kyrenia University says that Turkey’s national air transportation has expanded greatly both nationally and internationally.

A total of 49 airports open to regular flights, 54 heliports, 173 aviation companies, 15 of which are airline companies, and a total of 1135 aircraft including 370 airline planes, and 47 ground handling companies including 3 A class ones, operate in Turkey.

The University states that it is prepared to make sacrifices and provide every opportunity for its students to receive the highest quality education available and pave the way for them to become highly qualified aviators. Based on the information given by Boeing, the world’s largest aerospace company, the need for pilots, aircraft engineers and technicians, cabin crew, personnel for civil aviation management and logistics will increase very rapidly worldwide within the next 15 years, and will be expressed in hundreds of thousands. The University of Kyrenia as a university specialised in aviation will meet a part of this need by producing highly qualified aviators. Unique opportunity from the University of Kyrenia; receive your education with employment guarantee and pay your tuition fee after being employed.

The press statement issued by the Press and Public relations Office of the University of Kyrenia drew attention to the fact that it began its activities by giving priority to public benefits and needs, provides unique opportunities for students, who want to receive education and training on aviation. Students, who enrol in the aviation studies programmes, will not pay tuition fees throughout their education period, they will pay their tuition fees after graduation and finding employment.

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