Kyrenia University to build observatory in mountains

Kyrenia University plans to build a space observatory in the Besparmak Mountains.

A protocol was signed on Wednesday between the Ministry of Tourism and Environment and the University of Kerynia to set up the observatory.

The protocol was signed by minister Fikri Ataoglu and the rector of the university Prof. Dr. Ilkay Salihoglu.

At the signing ceremony, Prof. Salihoglu said that the project was aimed at the future of the country.

The observatory will serve science, aiding in the education of students and the public, Prof. Salihoglu said.

Tourism Minister Ataoglu said the project, which was being launched following extensive work carried out together with the Forestry Department, was exciting.

The fact that Cyprus has a unique geographical location with earlier sun rises and sunsets compared to the US and other European countries, will allow our observations to be used as a reference by other centres working on astronomy”, he said.

Ataoglu added that the observatory will help promote the TRNC and the University of Kyrenia, internationally.

It will pave the way for numerous joint projects with other international institutions, perhaps even bringing astronomers and students from all over the world to Cyprus”, he said.


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