Labour Minister Says 3,800 Earthquake Victims in TRNC

North Cyprus News - Hasan Tacoy - Economy - Energy - Minister
[Minister of Labour and Social Security – Hasan Taçoy]
Saturday, 25 February 2023 

There are 3,800 earthquake survivors who have registered with immigration, Minister of Labour and Social Security Hasan Taçoy has said, Yeniduzen reports.

He said that those numbers were obtained from the Social Services and Immigration. Coordination of registration and food aid was under the authority of the Turkish Embassy in Nicosia, said Taçoy

Teams were inspecting homes to help assess the needs of the earthquake victims, Taçoy said. In addition inspections to guard against exploitation of labour and illegal labour had increased, he said.

The labour minister said the following:

I don’t have any concerns because these people are registered and they change their temporary residence when they enter the country to normal residence in order to benefit from rights such as education and health here. That’s why we have started work to eliminate pre-authorisation. We continue to work to make their lives easier. On the other hand, our Labour Department teams were organised to be outside and under control. There may be a sudden knock on everyone’s door, and suddenly members of the Labour Office may come and make a workplace inspection inquiry. Penal inspections are also carried out. Our non-stop inspections increased during this period. We will consider all kinds of reports.

Almost all of the people who came to the country either came to a relative or worked on this island in the past. Those who will not be able to work are generally parents and siblings over the age of 60. In our records, we know their level of relatedness, age and all such information.

 “The embassy’s involvement in the process is essential for both Turkey and its representation in the country!


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