New Measures Coming for The Unemployed

North Cyprus News - Faiz Sucuoglu - Labour Minister
Labour Minister – Faiz Sucuoglu

Labour and Social Security Minister Faiz Sucuoğlu, who is looking for new measures to protect private workers who have been made unemployed following the coronavirus pandemic, has criticised the cuts to low-wage workers’ pay by businesses that are continuing to operate. He warned that the ministry will not permit this.

Minister Faiz Sucuoğlu said that 1,500 Turkish Lira will be paid at the end of the month to TRNC citizens who have been unemployed and Turkish nationals who have a work permit, adding that they will not discriminate against any sector. He noted that about 50,000 people will benefit from this measure.

He explained that there will be two separate categories in the financial package for businesses which have closed and those which remain open. An announcement will be made next week regarding how the ministry will deal with employees who have been laid off.

Sucuoğlu then noted that because of the bilateral agreement with Turkey, they would also include workers who are Turkish nationals and not only workers who are citizens of the TRNC. Payments of 1,500 TL will be made to 30,000 Turkish citizens and to between 15 -20,000 Turkish nationals,

The minister noted that the government is considering giving this amount to 15,000 people who are third-country nationals and registered employees.

Meanwhile, Detay writes that the labour minister said preparations are being made to take a radical step for private sector workers. Within the framework of the financial measures decided at a Cabinet meeting on March 25, any dismissal of employees between 15 March 2020 and 30 April 2020 will be prohibited. He states that legal arrangements and measures will be announced in detail later.

Diyalog, Detay

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