Lack of funds could delay opening of new crossing points

Plans to reconstruct the crossing points at Derynia in the east and Aplic in the west are in progress.

However, there could be further delays as an extra 2.1 million euros in needed for construction. Given that the TRNC is short of funds and the economic protocol has not been signed with Turkey, there could be problems.

According to the Technical Committee managing the two projects, works and infrastructure should be complete within five months, theoretically.

In January, the EU released 2.1 million euros for the north side of the two crossing points. However, that only covers the cost of constructing the roads. More money is needed to pay for water, electricity and infrastructure. The tender for the road construction was given to M-tas and Ahmet Korukoglu Ltd.

Police and customs officers will also be needed to staff the crossing points.

According to Turkish Cypriot daily, Yeniduzen newspaper, draft documents showing the cost of the crossing points show that around 1.3m euros is needed for the Derynia crossing point to cover utilities such as telephone, electricity, computers, security cameras and police booths. Also included in the cost will be military expenses such as the erecting of guard posts.

At the Aplic crossing, a draft financial calculation estimates a cost of 856,000 euros, which covers similar utilities to those of Derynia.

A total of 70 new police officers will need to man both crossing points, a number which the new coalition is aware of.

It will be up to the TRNC government to decide how it will prioritise its funds.

Cyprus Weekly, Yeni Duzen

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