Lack of infrastructure delays kidney transplants in TRNC

Lack of infrastructure is creating a massive delay in kidney transplants in the TRNC. Despite the Human Tissue and Organs Act being passed 14 months ago, only one person has undergone organ transplant surgery in the country.

‘Havadis’ writes that there are sufficient organ donors but a lack of a coordinated system to match donors is delaying surgery. In addition, there is a shortage of medical equipment and aftercare facilities.

Patients are therefore obliged to go to Turkey or South Cyprus for the operation; many of whom do not have the funds to do so.

Deputy Head of the Dialysis and Kidney Patient Solidarity Association, Tülin Köseoğlu has said immunosuppressive (anti-rejection) drugs are very expensive in Turkey.

Meanwhile there are 162 patients on haemodialysis and 50 patients on peritoneal dialysis, many of whom are waiting for a transplant.


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