Lack of planning impacting public schools: Elcil

The infrastructure of public schools is inadequate, General Secretary of the Turkish Cypriot Teachers’ Trade Union (KTOS) Sener Elcil has said. There are serious problems caused by the number of students who are applying for school places, he said.

Noting that the new academic year will start on September 18, Elcil said that some schools in the Kyrenia are not ready to provide education. He explained that because there is a significant increase of students in Kyrenia, additional classrooms are being built, but still the number of students in class has increased to 35. He added that all these problems are because of a lack of planning.

Elcil said that the responsibility for these problems falls squarely into the lap of the Ministry of Education. The ministry is now having to build prefabricated classrooms to accommodate the increased number of pupils at the Maarif Anaokulu in Kyrenia.

Pointing out that no new teachers have been appointed, Elcil said that the lack of teaching staff poses a serious problem.

Kibris Postasi

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