Landmines in Buffer Zone dislodged by heavy rain

UN de-miners searched for unexploded land mines in the buffer zone close to Denia village on the outskirts of Nicosia. It is thought that the mines may have been carried there by a torrent that started in the village of Turkeli some days ago.

Over 27,000 mines have been removed from the UN buffer zone in Cyprus by the UN. Further operations were halted late last year because both Turkish and Greek governments had not agreed access rights to the remaining minefields outside the buffer zone. Since late 2004, teams of de-miners working with the UN Mine Action Centre in Cyprus (UNMACC) had been working to rid the 180 km-long buffer zone of land mines laid during the outbreak of inter-communal violence in 1964.

According to UN estimates, some 15,000 land mines may still remain in Cyprus and two million square metres of land could still be littered with mines and unexploded ordnance.

Meanwhile, the UN has permitted limited access to Denia village. However, the results of the search  are not yet known.


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