Lapta shooting: Suspects charged

Details are emerging from Kyrenia Court about the Lapta shooting incident.

On February 8th, there was a major argument between the Tas and Kuloglu families. The arguments developed into fights and Bekir Kuloglu was shot in the head by a revolver and died. His son Hasan Kuloglu was also shot in the head but survived. He has since been released from hospital but is now in court charged with assault.

Also charged with assault and wounding Hasan Kuloglu are 80 year old Ahmet Tas and 18 year old Mehmet Tas. All three have been released on bail.

On his release from court, Hasan Kuloglu was surrounded by family members for protection. It is also claimed that he has hired a specialist from Germany for his security. Family members prevented any pictures being taken by the assembled press.

Hasan Kuloglu is charged with carrying a knife illegally, wounding and assault. Police state that the investigations against him are now complete and did not object to his being released on bail until the court hearings begin. However he has had his travel documents confiscated, his bail was set at TL 10,000 and he needs to present himself at a police station every week.

From the Tas family, Umut Tas, Ahmet Tas, Mehmet Sait Tas and Mehmet Tas were all charged with premeditated murder and carrying weapons illegally

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