Large scale corruption alleged

A story has emerged that alleges large scale governmental corruption.

There are accusations that the current government is using its authority to buy votes for the upcoming early elections on a massive scale.

It appears that the two partners Cemil Erdenay and Hasan Camcioglu of Cem-Ha Ltd. went to the Development Bank in 2006 with a project idea, to build a luxury tourist hotel in the Kalkanli area. Funding for the project was obtained from the bank.

Work on constructing the West Queen Resort Hotel began and loans totaling over TL 6 million were obtained from the Development bank. However the project ran out of funds and building stopped. The hotel has never been opened and has lain dormant for a number of years.

In a surprising development, the Council of Ministers has agreed to take over the building from the two partners and to repay their debt of TL 6 million to the bank.

The plan is for the Ministry of Finance to become the new owner of the building which will then hand the building over to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security for it to be used as a nursing home.

However the minister of this department, Serife Unverdi said that she would rather not have this building and would have much preferred to have a proper care home built from scratch. She stressed that it was the Council of Ministers who had made this decision, not she.

Even a cursory examination of the hotel shows it’s unsuitability as a home for the elderly. It is not in the right area, it has amenities designed for tourists and it is built on three floors without a lift.

So why now is the government keen to take over this expensive and potentially useless white elephant at this time?

Some point to the potential number of voters that can be mustered from within the Cem-Ha workforce. There is anger that the two partners have used their contacts and the promise of potential voters to get the government to buy them out of trouble.

While hundreds of businesses are drowning in debt and on the brink of bankruptcy, there are questions being asked as to why the government decided to save these two particular individuals.

President of the Chamber of Artisans, Hurrem Tulga, not mincing his words, has come out to say that this operation is a political manoeuvre to save two buddies. He asks why the government does not snap up all the other businesses that are in debt and take over the running of their properties.

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