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Cyprus News - Health Minister - Dr. Ali Pilli 2
Health Minister –
Dr. Ali Pilli

Health Minister Dr. Ali Pilli held a press conference to inform the public regarding the outcome of the fire that broke out at the Dr. Burhan Nalbantoğlu state hospital in Nicosia.

He said that the preliminary examination of the damage assessment has been completed and that apart from the Angiography and Cardiovascular Surgery department, other departments at the hospital will open for service.

Minister Pilli also said that the operating theatres could come into service as of Wednesday.

The outpatient’s clinic, x-ray, laboratory, ambulatory care services, chest diseases services, infection services, dialysis, oncology and nuclear medicine will continue to provide services. At the same time, the Thalassaemia and diabetic centres will continue to provide services. On Wednesday the operating theatres will open but cardiovascular surgeries and angiography will not take place”, the health minister said.

He also said that additional personnel had been sent to the Cengiz Topel Hospital, Famagusta State Hospital and Girne Dr. Akçiçek hospital to provide residents in those areas with better health care services.

Emergency services are being provided by the Near East University Hospital and the Kolan Hospital”, Minister Pilli noted.


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