Latest Rules For Entry Into North Cyprus

North Cyprus News - Ercan - AirportThe latest statement issued by the Ministry of Health says that:

Those who wish to enter North Cyprus  by air-sea routes and internal border checkpoints from abroad, must fill in their digital travel documents before the trip, within the last 72 hours before the trip, as of 29 November, BRT reported.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Health said that those who have a smart device are asked to download the Stay Safe application to their smart devices, and those who do not must create a Digital Travel Document from the application, fill out the Digital Travel Document at, print out the relevant form and keep it with them.

It was also noted that the current table and entry criteria regarding the color codes of the countries have been updated as of November 29, 2021.

Accordingly, as a result of the epidemiological situation assessment within the island, it was decided to apply the “LEVEL 3” rules in the crossings.

In touristic tours to be organised by bus from Southern Cyprus, unvaccinated tourists from Orange-Red countries will be able to have a day pass, provided that they present a negative PCR/antigen tests performed within the last 72 hours.

Those people wishing to enter a venue/sector/activity/events will be required to present the Adapass in all districts.

After registering the venue/sector/activity/events , , the application will be opened with the e-mail address of the venue and a password to be sent to them via SMS.

Vaccine and PCR criteria to be checked via the adapass system for the people who wish to enter the venue/sector/activity/event.

Persons who have not completed the vaccine programme, for casinos, bar/clubs, indoor fitness halls, stadiums, indoor team sports, nightclubs, collective dances, ceremonies, concerts, theatres, weddings (cocktail-dinner), restaurant/tavern/patisserie/cafe indoor areas will not be allowed to enter the closed areas of coffee shops / cafes and cinemas.

School staff and special education centre staff will continue to repeat their antigen tests every 14 days if they are vaccinated, and every 7 days if they are unvaccinated.

Home visits have been stopped and family members of more than 10 people were forbidden to come together.

From the 6th of December,  people who have COMIRNATY (Pfizer/Biontech), VAXZEVRIA (Astrazeneca/Oxford) MODERNA vaccines and 6 months have passed since their 2nd dose;

People who have had the CORONAVAC (Sinovac) vaccine and 3 months have passed since their 2nd dose;

People who have had the COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen / Johnson and Johnson vaccine and 3 months have passed;

If they do not have their booster vaccinations, they will be considered as unvaccinated and their Adapass will be cancelled.


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