Latest Rules For Entry Into TRNC Announced

North Cyprus News - Ercan - Airport The Higher Committee on Communicable Diseases has announced new rules regarding entry into North Cyprus, Yeniduzen reported as follows:

The full text of the decisions:

Persons who wish to enter North Cyprus from abroad using land border gates, will have to fill in the TRNC PASSENGER ENTRY FORM by entering before the trip and print out the TRNC Passenger Entry Form.

Passengers coming from the EU, United Kingdom, Turkey and persons with Adapass will be required to upload the QR code vaccination document where the vaccination document specifies should be filled in, and the QR code PCR result document where the PCR document should be uploaded, by scanning the QR codes from the camera of their tablet/mobile phones. 

It is mandatory to enter the country with the TRNC Passenger Entry Form, and it can only be used from tablets/personal mobile phones in order to save the QR codes of the documents required in the TRNC Passenger Entry Form.

Logging onto the correct website:

ADAPASS for TRNC citizens

HEALTHPASS for Turkish citizens

GREENPASS for EU citizens

NHS QR Code Document for UK citizens. The added documents will be checked upon entry to the country, so people must bring them with them.

Citizens of other countries are required to attach their valid vaccination cards and/or PCR test results to the section specified in the application. The added documents will be checked upon entry to the country, so people must bring them with them.  

This application will be mandatory for those aged 18 and over.

Country Colour Codes

The criteria for entry into North Cyprus will be as stated below. The country colors specified in the criteria will be updated every week. These can be found by clicking the link – Yeniduzen

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