Latest Update On Syrian Oil Spill

North Cyprus News - Oil spill from Syria Minister of Public Works and Transport Resmiye Canaltay has given an update on the situation regarding the oil spill off the east coast of Cyprus.

She said that all agencies are combining in an intense effort with Turkey in order to prevent an ecological disaster, before it reaches the coast.

Canaltay said, “We are working with GKK Coast Guard, Cyprus Turkish Coastal Safety and Ship Rescue Ltd., where all our institutions are mobilized in the region. provides the necessary marine vessel. Likewise, Cyprus Turkish Petroleum, Alpet, AKSA and Kıb-Tek have sent the barriers that they have  to the region.”

The minister said that there is constant consultation with a team of five experts from Turkey, Canaltay said the following studies are being carried out in the region:

  • Turkey’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are flying in the region, collecting preliminary information for any necessary intervention.
  • The teams are directed to the coordinates determined by the UAVs via trailers. Our latest information is that the oil is, at its closest, 10 miles offshore. 
  • Pollution with a length of 1.5 miles and various widths coming from the main area of the spill towards our shores is being collected and disposed of using barriers.
  • Emergency response and waste collection vessels Nene Hatun and Seyid Onbaşı are on their way from Turkey. As Prime Minister Ersan Saner also announced, they will be in the region on Friday. During this time, we will continue to work intensively in the region with all our teams.


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