Leader of the opposition calls for early elections

The leader of the opposition party (CTP) Tufan Erhurman is calling for early elections. The coalition government was reaching its end, he said.

Erhurman arrived with a delegation at the offices of Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Havadis’ to speak with journalists there.

Harshly critical of the coalition government, he said that it was the first time that the ruling National Unity Party (UBP) had argued amongst themselves. [There was disagreement on the extending of a contract with T&T who are working on the enlargement of Ercan airport].

The CTP leaders said that none of the government’s actions are found to be legally admissible, adding that they work in contravention to their own laws. He explained that with the recent land allocation debacle, the government had hit the record of unlawful practices.

Erhurman further said that they will not give any more the permission to usurp the rights of citizens, stressing that this government should go.

Referring to the Cyprus problem, Erhurman said that they should not link everything to the Cyprus problem. He added that there are some issues that, even if there is a Cyprus settlement, cannot be solved and some other issues can be solved without a Cyprus settlement.

He also said that despite the criticism levelled at President Mustafa Akinci, he (Akinci) has contributed greatly to reaching this stage of the Cyprus negotiations. He also said that the Cyprus problem should come to an end.

Commenting on the distribution of TRNC citizenships, Erhurman said that the Council of Ministers does not look for criteria to grant citizenships. He noted that with a decision by the Council of Ministers, anyone who arrive in the TRNC will be able to obtain TRNC citizenship. He explained that the second practice that the government applies to the granting of citizenships is through the medium of the interior ministry. Erhurman further said that they do not even announce them, and the reason is very clear: “”They grant citizenship to persons who happen to be in the country one day within five years and they do not grant citizenships to people who have live din this country for 12-13 years.


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