Leaders close to agreement on territory criteria

The Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot sides were very close to an agreement on territory criteria at the end of last week’s Cyprus Summit in Switzerland, determining how much land each constituent state would control. Following this, President Anastasiades asked for a break in the Summit in order to consult with Greek Cypriot politicians and mainland Greece.

The Greek Cypriot leader realised that an agreement on territory criteria was actually possible, right then and there,” a source close to the talks said.

He had not expected Mont Pèlerin to go so well.”

When the two leaders resume negotiations in Switzerland on Sunday, they are expected to produce a map showing the criteria on territory and to decide on a date for the last phase of the negotiations which will be a multi-party conference on security and guarantees.

The multi-party conference which will include the guarantor states – Turkey, Greece and the United Kingdom, is likely to take place in around three-to-four weeks time.

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