Leaders’ Meeting Should be ‘Open-Hearted: Akinci

President Mustafa Akinci has said that his meeting on 9 August with Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades should be “open-hearted”.

He told Cyprus News Agency in an interview, that he was determined to clarify the picture and that the agenda of the meeting was clear. The two Cypriot community leaders could raise any issue they wanted, said Akinci.

President Akinci also talked about the tripartite meeting with the UN Secretary-General, the informal five-party meeting and the completion of Jane Holl Lute’s mandate as requested by the UN Secretary-General.

Akinci also made evaluations about natural gas and said that reaching a consensus on natural gas is not a prerequisite for the negotiation process, but that the current political atmosphere does not help to start the process. Akinci said that the proposal to form a joint committee on the natural gas rejected by the Greek Cypriot side is a way out, but different options can be discussed and he cited the idea of ​​Rolandis’ moratorium.

Stressing that the UN should not be left out about the steps to be taken on the subject of the fenced-off town of Maraş/Varosha, Akinci stressed that what should be done within the UN and international law should not cause any conflicts with the UN.


North Cyprus News - UNSG Antonio GuterresPresident Akinci pointed out that UN Secretary-General Guterres wanted to complete the terms of reference that could not be completed for a year. He reminded that Guterres had spoke with the two leaders on the phone. Everyone’s eyes were turned to this meeting (9 August), and the Secretary General told us on the phone. Mr. Mitsotakis [recently elected mainland Greek prime minister], who came to the South, said the same thing (the importance of the leaders’ meeting)..

Akinci stated that almost everyone can see and understand that the trend is not good, and that if positive developments cannot be achieved, tensions will increase, not only on the island but also in the surrounding region.

The president stated that the agenda of the meeting was open and that the two leaders could bring up any issue they wanted, adding that the new confidence building measures and natural gas should be discussed in their meeting. Anastasiades will bring to the agenda all the other issues to be be discussed.

Akinci said, “We have gained confidence in our society to date, we have launched measures, opened new doors, connected to electricity networks, now have mobile phone interoperability. We have come to that point that we can add new ones, why not?

My biggest expectation is, of course, to relieve tensions, to lower blood pressure and to create a ground for good developments. After two years of stagnation, how do we see the future of this island as two leaders? At what point can we find a way out? How can our views approach each other and in what framework can this approach be? We need to talk about all this with open heartedness.

Akinci went on to say:

At the end of this time, Mr. Anastasiades sees the point where our meeting point can be in the light of his evaluations, and I would like to listen to them. I would like to tell him what I think. In other words, I would like to share what can and cannot be from that perspective and from my perspective. “I hope that this is a meeting where we can give good messages to our peoples and societies. But let me emphasise this cautious point, if I don’t, I don’t want to pump up any hope that doesn’t exist. So I don’t want to give false hopes.”

Kibris Postasi

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