Leaders to reconvene meetings in Switzerland on 20 November

President Nicos Anastasiades and President Mustafa Akıncı have decided to resume negotiations on territory after a one week break. They will return to Switzerland on 20th November to continue their talks.

Reportedly the two Cypriot community leaders achieved progress, summing up the territory chapter after a marathon meeting at Le Mirador resort in Mont Pèlerin on Friday night. They are said to have made progress on criteria such as population return, land percentages and coastlines.

The United Nations issued the following statement from Mont Pèlerin:

“The Turkish Cypriot leader, Mr. Mustafa Akıncı, and the Greek Cypriot leader, Mr. Nicos Anastasiades, have been engaged in sustained negotiations here in Mont Pèlerin since 7 November under the auspices of the United Nations.

During these past five days, the chapter on territory and all other issues were discussed interdependently. Significant progress has been achieved.

Upon request of the Greek Cypriot leader, Mr. Anastasiades, it has been decided by the two leaders to take a recess and reconvene in Geneva on Sunday, 20 November 2016, to continue their deliberations from Mont Pèlerin.

The two leaders, once again, wish to express their gratitude to the Government of Switzerland for its generosity and hospitality in hosting this event and for the invaluable support provided to them and their teams throughout the week.”

Both leaders left for Cyprus on Saturday morning.

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