Leaders trying to find agreement on first four chapters

President Mustafa Akinci stated that in yesterday’s meeting with the Greek Cypriot Leader Nicos Anastasiades, they had almost concluded the chapter on the power of constituent states to sign international treaties.

In his statement to the press following the meeting with Anastasiades, President Akinci said that both leaders had tried to bridge the gap on chapters in which a compromise has not yet been reached. These chapters include ‘Administration and Power Sharing’, ‘Property’, ‘Relations with the EU’ and the ‘Economy’. Some areas which had already been agreed had not been altered.

In a federal system, the founding states are able to sign international treaties on certain issues within their jurisdiction,” the President said. “Examples of this can be seen in Belgium, Canada and Germany.”

When asked if the Territory issue is to be discussed abroad, Akinci replied that “it is not yet certain which country the talks will be held in but it will probably be a neutral country.”

TRNC Public Information Office

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