Leaders will discuss criteria for territory on Thursday

A document outlining the criteria for territorial adjustments submitted by both sides, will be drafted for discussion by President Akinci and President Anastasiades on Thursday.

President Anastasiades’ spokesman Nicos Christodoulides was positive about progress achieved in Wednesday’s meeting in the intensified Cyprus negotiations at Mont Pèlerin, Switzerland.

Both leaders agreed to the drafting of the document by negotiators Andreas Mavroyiannis and Ozdil Nami with the help of UN officials, during their meeting on Wednesday afternoon.

The Greek Cypriot positions will be printed in blue, while those of the Turkish Cypriots will be printed in red,” said Christodoulides, pointing out that at the moment, there were no ‘black’ positions, i.e. points of agreement.

It is a very positive development in the attempts to solve the Cyprus problem,” said Christodoulides. “It is the first time in the history of the negotiations, since they started back in 1976, that the criteria for territorial adjustments will be set on paper and discussed.”

Earlier on, President Akinci’s spokesman Baris Burcu, stated that an agreement had been reached to set a date for a five-party meeting in exchange for draft maps, something that was emphatically denied Christodoulides.

President Anastasiades was clear in his statements before the talks. There will be no agreement for a five-party meeting before the territorial criteria are agreed on and drafted on maps,” Anastasiades’ spokesman said.

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