Leaks to press on proposals hampering talks: Özersay

Turkish Cypriot chief negotiator in the Cyprus talks, Kudret Özersay has said that he is concerned that details of proposals in the negotiations are being leaked to the Greek Cypriot media, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reported.

Speaking to the press after the negotiators’ meeting, Özersay said that he had conveyed his discomfort about this to his counterparts at Wednesday’s meeting.

Both sides’ proposals appeared in two different newspapers in the South yesterday said Özersay and added that these leaks create problems during the negotiations.

Touching upon the “Special Meeting” that was agreed on during the leaders meeting, Özersay announced the date of the meeting as 18th July. During the “Special Meeting” the negotiators and their teams will try to finalise the proposals regarding the Confidence Building Measures. Özersay added that the Turkish Cypriot side’s five-step road map will also be discussed during the special meeting where the negotiating teams will try to come up with a mutually agreed road map.

According to Özersay, if both sides agree on a road map, some “solid results” can be achieved before September.

During the 3 hour long meeting, the Turkish Cypriot side suggested rotating the presence of journalists during the negotiations said Özersay but did not give the details of this interesting suggestion.

The Turkish Cypriot side submitted a proposal on the “Federal Police” issue said Özersay and noted that this issue was one of the topics which the two sides agreed upon during previous rounds. “Many aspects of this issue were agreed upon in the past. Today we made a tangible proposal about one of the issues we couldn’t agree on before”,said Özersay referring to “maritime search and rescue”.  Özersay said that the Greek Cypriot side had submitted a proposal on the establishment of decision making mechanisms of the Federal Public Service Commission and added that the “validity of previous international agreements signed by each side prior to the possible settlement” was also discussed.

A constructive discussion also took place yesterday regarding an issue which concerns the vast majority of society, said Özersay referring to “court decisions and incentives given to investors”.

Özersay said that the Turkish Cypriot side was mindful its commitment to put all six of the headings on the negotiation table before the end of July. “There is a consensus on bringing proposals about issues where no proposals were submitted yet.

Before the end of the month we are aiming to finalise assessments and detecting the points where both sides can show some flexibility. By the beginning of August we will enter a new phase and everything will be laid out on the negotiation table. If we want results and if we can agree on a road map the only thing that will be left to do is putting an effort to finalise the solution process” said Özersay.

Touching upon the “framework agreement” discussion, Özersay said that their ultimate aim is to reach a comprehensive settlement based on a strong partnership of two communities. “We need to build a partnership without any ambiguity which could create problems later. In our opinion, any other formula rather than the comprehensive settlement is meaningless”, Özersay concluded.

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