Lefke residents will block attempts to mine in the region

The Lefka Region Civil Society Organisations (STOK) have repeated their protest against proposed mining operations in the Lefke region,

Lefke residents have said that they would not allow the operation of mines because locals are still suffering from carcinogenic pollution created by the Cyprus Mines Corporation. Citing record numbers of cancer cases, they are concerned about the recent interest in gold and copper mining in the region.

After CMC left the island they left behind piles of tailing deposits exposed to the environment, resulting in substantial contamination of surrounding soils and sea shore. (Photo by Nilden Eminer). This operation of the facility caused substantial environmental degradation of the area. During the operation, untreated waste water quantities of metals and other contaminants were deposited directly into the Mediterranean sea. All storm run-off has been directly discharging into the sea, polluting marine life, presenting a health hazard to local residents. (Cypnet.co.uk)

Kibris Postasi, Cypnet

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