Lefkosa taxi drivers condemn attacks

The Lefkoşa Taxi Association has issued a written statement condemning the attack on a Turkish Cypriot taxi driver by fanatic APOEL football fans at a traffic junction in South Lefkoşa.

The statement said that the attack, which was not a first, was unfortunate.

We would clearly like to state that the lives of Turkish Cypriot taxi drivers which are subject to attacks in different parts of South Cyprus, are under threat while carrying out their job. It is with grave concern that we observe an increase in such attacks every passing day and that officials on both sides remain silent over this issue”, the statement read.

The statement pointed out that unlike Turkish Cypriot taxi drivers in South Cyprus, Greek Cypriot bus and taxi drivers were operating freely and safely in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

We call on the authorities to launch an initiative with the United Nations and the Greek Cypriot Administration regarding these incidents” the statement added.


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